About Us

The Teton Institute was formed in the Fall of 2003, when Cecil Smith and Carol Gonnella put on a two-day workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to teach estate planning strategies to CPAs, financial advisors and other estate planning attorneys.  The course was so popular that Cecil and Carol moved it the following Spring to Nashville, Tennessee.   Thereafter, Cecil and Carol conducted the Teton Institute workshops in Jackson Hole every Fall through 2009.  Then they skipped a couple of years … just too busy with their law practices and teaching for other estate planning organizations … not to mention writing several books during that time.

This year, Cecil and Carol are taking the Teton Institue on the road again.  This time to the heart of the country … Memphis, Tennessee.  Lawyers from California to Florida, and many states in between are attending Cecil and Carol’s two-day workshop on October 14th and 15th.  The Memphis workshop is sold out, and there are a number of attorneys who are on the list to attend the next workshop; however, the date and place for the next Teton Institue Roadshow workshop has not yet been established.   The next workshop will be announced after the October workshop.

If you would like to get on our list for possible registration for future workshops, please call (800) 955-0554 and  ask to be put on our email list, or go to the “Contact Us” tab and send us an email message.


The above photograph of Aspen trees in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was taken by Cecil Smith.  These trees are about 100 yards behind Carol Gonnells’s house.  The picture was made at night and the trees were lighted only by the moon … no flash.