The Teton Institute is the educational arm of Cecil Smith and Carol Gonnella’s Teton Companies.  The Teton Companies are Teton Agents, LLC, Teton Publishers, LLC and the Teton Institute.

If you are interested in a small, interactive, intensive workshop about estate planning or asset protection planning, you might be interested in registering for one of our Teton Institute Workshops.

Since 2003 the Teton Institute has conducted workshops with classes of 40 – 50 attendees.  However, one year a hurricane hit the Gulf Coast and caused many cancellations of air flights around the country which resulted in many registrants not being able to get to Jackson Hole.  Thus, our class that year was about 25 students.  Cecil and Carol learned something about themselves that Fall.  They liked teaching to small groups.  They really enjoyed the personal interaction of small classes.

Today, the Teton Institute has been designed for classes of 40 students.  We all get to know one another, and we have fun learning and dining together.

With a small group like this, it’s like flying first class.


The above photograph of the Grand Tetons was taken by Cecil Smith from his airplane window as the plane was landing at the Jackson Hole airport.